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Malaysian firm My EG Services Berhad has created an artificial intelligence (AI)-based coronavirus risk profiling solution for Chinese visitors.

The fully-automated system is capable of historical geolocation and anomaly tracking for travellers from China.

It is powered by analytics of numerous available data points, including visitors’ previous known locations, heart rate and blood pressure readings. The data is crossed-referenced with public transport ridership and any exposure to locations with infections incidences.

The system also offers an ongoing arrangement with the visitor in the country. This alerts health authorities of any abnormalities, allowing immediate measures.

MYEG partnered with China outbound travel firm Phoenix Travel Worldwide to implement the coronavirus risk profiling system. The technology is expected to be deployed in Malaysia and also the Philippines.

Coronavirus in Malaysia

Deaths from the novel coronavirus have increased to 2,130, representing a ten-fold surge in three weeks from 213 deaths as reported on 30 January. The total number of cases worldwide has increased to more than 75,700.

In Malaysia, 22 people have been infected by the coronavirus, to date.