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US-based GeaCom is set to deploy its Phrazer/Kitsune devices to be used for the triage and management of coronavirus (Covid-19).

GeaCom has deployed its devices to meet the growing demand in regional response centres throughout the Upper Midwest.

Using Phrazer/Kitsune devices, medical centres can manage patient intake by allowing self-triage in any language. They identify and match the patient’s language, culture and literacy and allow them to conduct screening through an authoritative on-site solution.

Furthermore, the devices help hundreds of patients to simultaneously progress to suitable rooming and isolation, without exposing translators, scribes and other hospital staff to the virus.

GeaCom founder and CEO Mat Johnson said: “Phrazer/Kitsune is a vital tool for keeping medical staff safe during the screening process and it mitigates the spread of the virus.

“GeaCom has been preparing to help the health care system combat this global crisis, and the thousands of Phrazer/Kitsune devices ready for deployment have the potential to equitably address the entire population and accelerate the processing rate by tenfold at regional response centres.”

Alerts from Phrazer/Kitsune will keep medical staff constantly aware of patient’s needs, while they self-triage and progress through Covid-19 services.

The devices allow clinicians to remotely engage with patients and securely check in on them through a video conference.

Phrazer/Kitsune devices are antimicrobial, HIPPA-compliant and intrinsically safe systems, which can be cleaned with strong chemicals.

In addition, the devices can operate with or without a network and its video conference function enables constant patient surveillance and support.

The global death toll due to Covid-19 has increased to 7,900.

Covid-19 has now spread to 167 countries.