Princeton University spinout NeuTigers has launched a rapid screening app that uses wearable sensor data to triage patients who may be suffering from Covid-19.

CovidDeep is 90%+ accurate in predicting whether a person has the virus, and is twice as effective as current triage tools like temperature checks and questionnaires.

The technology is designed to measure galvanic skin response (GSR), skin temperature, heart inter-beat interval (IBI), blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2). All of these biomarkers can be impacted by Covid-19, meaning CovidDeep can help indicate that a patient may need a test for the disease before they even feel unwell.

The app works by collecting physiological sensor data from Empatica’s E4 wristband, blood pressure and oxygen level data from any monitoring device as well as symptom assessment questionnaire results. CovidDeep is also being adapted to work with wearables from companies such as Fitbit, Apple and Samsung.

Users answer a questionnaire regarding their symptoms and health history and input their health sensor’s data. Data is entered by connecting CovidDeep to an Empatica E4 Wristband as well as inputting blood pressure and blood oxygen readings using any off-the-shelf device. CovidDeep then analyses the data in around two minutes, and makes a prediction as to whether a person is likely to test negative or positive for Covid-19.

All data remains local to the device, is never shared, and stays securely under the user’s control.

The app has been developed by building on NeuTigers’ StarDeep Smart Healthcare Platform, which delivers artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions to boost healthcare professionals’ productivity.

NeuTigers founder and CEO Adel Laoui said: “Before the pandemic, our teams were using predictive models in our StarDeep health platform to monitor and screen for diabetes and mental health conditions.

“Realizing our AI technology could be valuable in the fight against Covid-19, we quickly pivoted and developed a new solution after rigorous clinical research trials. Initially meeting the urgent need for mass screening in the business environment, CovidDeep is set to expand to a wider consumer offering in early 2021.”