DexCom has obtained CE Mark for its G7 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system designed for people with diabetes.

Developed in partnership with Verily, the new Dexcom G7 CGM system is indicated for diabetes patients aged two years and above, including pregnant women, in Europe.

The next-generation CGM system allows people to manage their diabetes using a small, all-in-one wearable sensor along with a redesigned, simplified mobile app that provides Dexcom Clarity integration.

Said to be faster than any other CGM on the market, the sensor warms up in 30 minutes and sends real-time glucose readings to a compatible smart device or receiver automatically.

Additionally, the system offers a set of customisable alerts that can warn users regarding high or low glucose levels.  

The company stated that the remote monitoring and reporting capabilities will enable users to stay connected with care teams.

Dexcom chairman, president and CEO Kevin Sayer said: “This all-new platform offers an incredibly powerful CGM that is simple to use, providing our users with insightful glucose data on one screen that helps them spend less time managing diabetes and more time doing the things they love. Dexcom G7 takes everything people love about G6 and makes it even better.”

The company said that it is also working with insulin pump partners to integrate the new system into existing and future automated insulin delivery systems.

It expects to launch the Dexcom G7 CGM system in Europe in the next few weeks, with plans to also introduce an updated CGM algorithm later in the year.