DexCom, a company focused on diabetes management, has obtained the European CE-Mark for its G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) System designed for people living with diabetes.

The system comprises a sensor that can be inserted under the skin to measure the glucose levels within the interstitial fluid.

Meant for patients aged two years and above, the system eliminates the need for fingersticks to carry out calibration or make treatment decisions.

“The system comprises a sensor which can be inserted under the skin to measure the glucose levels within the interstitial fluid.”

The device features customisable alarms and notifications intended to alert users and their designated followers in case of unsafe glucose levels, even during sleep.

In addition, Dexcom G6 comes with an extended ten-day sensor to enable longer usage, along with a smaller transmitter and an auto-applicator.

Readings captured by the system can be continuous and automatically transmitted to any compatible smart device or a Dexcom receiver through Bluetooth at five-minute intervals.

Furthermore, a new sensor membrane is integrated into the device to facilitate the use of paracetamol without any impact on glucose readings.

Dexcom EMEA general manager John Lister said: “The Dexcom G6 represents the future of diabetes management. Not only does the product eliminate the need for fingersticks, but it also maintains the performance, connectivity and accuracy that the diabetes community has come to expect from Dexcom CGM.”

The Dexcom G6 CGM System will be launched in the UK and Ireland this month, with plans for expansion to additional European countries over the coming months.

This system is accompanied by the Dexcom G6 app which allows users to share their glucose information with up to five people. It can also be used to track the glucose levels remotely.