China-based medical enterprise Diagens Biotechnology has introduced a new chromosomal karyotyping system, MetaSight G200.

Built using high-resolution microscopy technology, the third-generation karyotyping system can precisely identify chromosomal abnormalities in humans.

It automates and streamlines traditional karyotyping processes, enabling doctors to diagnose and treat diseases linked with chromosomal abnormalities with increased accuracy.

Diagens Biologics founder Dr Ning Song said: “The introduction of the MetaSight G200 system represents another significant breakthrough for us in the field of medical testing.

“This system will undoubtedly foster innovation and development within the industry, providing doctors and patients with more precise and reliable test results, ultimately contributing to the advancement of human health.”

MetaSight G200 system has the potential to intelligently acquire the optimal metaphase image and complete a single slide scan within four minutes.

The system offers quality cell images by using state-of-the-art optical imaging technology and image sensors.

It is claimed to be the world’s first model to be installed with a chromosome defect recognition analysis module, which automatically labels chromosomal abnormalities.

The system provides smooth and stable operation thanks to an integrated microstructure design, a zigzag electric scanning platform and a contactless magnetic levitation motor.

Diagens Biotechnology is engaged in the research and development of reproductive prenatal devices and intelligent systems.

The company offers products and services for clinical hospitals, research institutes and the public.