Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is set to launch its new OMX Organic Metabolomics test for practitioners.

The test examines the urine and plasma metabolites, which include amino acids, organic acids and other key compounds.

It combines organic and amino acid metabolites into a single report.

This test provides practitioners with a deeper understanding of the metabolic function of their patients.

It also reveals a patient’s unique ‘metabolic signature’ by evaluating small molecule metabolites.

The OMX test uses a systems-biology approach to evaluate biomarkers and offers in-depth clinical insight to healthcare providers to decipher and connect perturbations of key metabolic pathways.

The company stated that its new OMX metabolomics test classifies its insights into six health areas, namely metabolic processing, nutrition, toxic impacts, stress and mood, amino acid and protein metabolism, and microbial metabolites.

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory chief medical officer Dr David Brady said: “OMX advances the practice of precision medicine by marrying the best of organic acid testing with the latest understanding of the human metabolome.

“Assessing metabolic function using the OMX test is an exciting way to potentially avert disease before it occurs, as well as improve the health of patients suffering from metabolic dysfunction, often leading to chronic health conditions.”

As a standard part of the profile, OMX also offers additional key markers and ratios, including microalbumin, cortisol, kynurenine and equol.

In 2019, SCIEX signed a co-marketing agreement with Omics platform company EluciData to address the challenges faced by metabolomics researchers.

The deal allowed the researchers to properly process metabolomics data from a range of workflows.