New York-based life science company Mend has received a $15 million series A investment from a consortium of venture firms to grow its digital nutrition coaching platform.

Mend combines nutritional supplements with an artificial intelligence (AI) driven digital platform to help manage chronic conditions. A care team is accessible through the app which aids peri-operative recovery with personalised risk factors taken into consideration.

The company said the funds will facilitate the execution of existing provider contracts and scale a nationwide program to reach more patients. Part of the funding will also accelerate research and development to further enhance the company’s technology platform, nutrapharma, food as medicine products, and clinical services.

“Through this funding, Mend will have the opportunity to invest in transforming the patient care model to enhance healing, recovery, and introduce proactive measures to improve human health and reduce the burden of lifestyle preventable illness,” said Eziah Syed, CEO of Mend.

The series A funding had a prominent list of investors which included Colorcon Ventures, S2G Ventures, GenHenn Capital, Keen Growth Capital and Tech Council.

Kelly Boyer, Vice President of Film Coatings at Colorcon said Mend’s platform has the potential to narrow the gap between nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, with an emphasis on scientific validation, physician support, and patient compliance. “We look forward to supporting the company, as their unique integrated platform delivers better solutions for patients, providers, and payors,” said Boyer. 

In 2022, Mend launched a line of nutrapharma products which integrated with the Mend digital behavioural health coaching platform, Upgraid.