Dotmatics has launched its latest informatics platform that is designed to handle large data assays.

Called Dotmatics 5.4, the platform features upgraded capabilities in assay data management to enhance overall laboratory efficiency. It has an improved browser search function and notebook interface, which are expected to allow simplified data integration with external sources.

The notebook ensures improved data entry, navigation and ease-of-use with an icon-based graphical interface.

The browsing functions will facilitate the search of subscription data repositories, as well as web-based public data sources using a single integrated workflow.

“Platforms need to be accessible and easy-to-use by many teams, including partners such as CROs.”

Dotmatics 5.4 includes a new screening application that features active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for the analysis of assays in automated screening labs. This new capability supports integration with third-party systems.

Dotmatics CEO Stephen Gallagher said: “This iteration of the Dotmatics platform represents the next milestone in our ongoing aim of making the lives of scientists easier and making data more accessible.

“Discovery organisations are dealing with ever larger data sets and need intuitive solutions that minimise the time it takes to process data, freeing scientists to focus on the outcomes of their research.”

Dotmatics chief technical officer Alastair Hill said: “In today’s collaborative environment, platforms need to be accessible and easy-to-use by many teams, including partners such as CROs, as well as globally dispersed employees that speak different languages.”