El Camino Health has deployed Flosonics Medical’s FloPatch advanced ultrasound system for sepsis management.

It is said to be the first health system in the world to use the new technology for real-time monitoring of blood flow.

FloPatch is claimed to be the first wireless and wearable Doppler ultrasound system. It enables clinicians to better manage intravenous (IV) fluid therapy in the early stages of the sepsis care pathway.

El Camino Health chief nursing officer Cheryl Reinking said: “We are proud to be the first hospital in the world to adopt this advanced technology, and have been working with Fogarty Innovation and Flosonics Medical for the past year piloting FloPatch.

“Our nurses immediately loved it, and helped decide where in the hospital the technology would be the best fit.”

Designed to offer a consistent method for measuring changes in heart function, FloPatch is an easy-to-use, hands-free device that can be implemented in one minute.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved device is placed on the neck to continuously evaluate blood flow in the carotid arteries, the blood vessels responsible for the supply of blood to the brain, neck and face.

It wirelessly transmits this data to a secure iOS mobile application, which enables clinicians to receive actionable and real-time data at the bedside.

The advanced analytics engine of the device helps quantify and display changing metrics over the course of an assessment, allowing clinicians to offer more precise fluid treatment.

Flosonics Medical chief medical officer Dr Jon-Emile Kenny said: “FloPatch is more than an innovative ultrasound system, it is a new paradigm linking physiology and resuscitation medicine.”