Eli Lilly has reached a deal to integrate DexCom’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) into its personalised diabetes management system.

Lilly’s diabetes system is currently in development and incorporates connected insulin delivery devices, software and analysis techniques.

As part of the non-exclusive agreement, Dexcom’s CGM devices will integrate into Lilly’s pen-based and pump-based insulin delivery devices.

DexCom’s CGM systems include app-based remote monitoring and alarm functions.

Lilly Diabetes Connected Care and Insulins senior vice president Mike Mason said: “We’re excited to include Dexcom’s technology in the solutions we deliver to people with diabetes to help improve health outcomes by delivering actionable insights in one connected system.

“As we integrate our expertise and insights with those from our partners, like Dexcom, we are aiming to not only transform the way we develop and deliver medicine but to transform how people manage their diabetes.”

Through the partnership with Dexcom, Lilly’s intends to offer type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients with personalised information and guidance and simplify management of their diabetes.

Globally, approximately 425 million adults are suffering from diabetes, with Type 2 being the most common form.

The pen-based platform is designed to integrate personalised data from a pre-filled, disposable insulin pen, with data from glucose-sensing technology into a compatible software application.

The pump-based platform, a hybrid closed-loop system, is designed to automate insulin dosing through the integration of an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and handheld controller or smartphone application.

Dexcom chief commercial officer Rick Doubleday said: “CGMs provide people with diabetes and their healthcare team with important real-time data that can help alleviate the burden of diabetes management, including overall glucose level trends and information on time spent in target blood glucose range.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Lilly as we integrate our technology into their system and believe it will help reduce some of the complexity that can come from managing diabetes every day.”