Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, has introduced a powered circular stapler, Echelon Circular for colorectal, gastric and thoracic surgery.

The Echelon Circular surgical stapler integrates the company’s 3D Stapling Technology and Gripping Surface Technology (GST).

3D Stapling Technology will distribute compression evenly, while GST will allow gentle handling to minimise compressive forces on tissues.

The technologies are intended to decrease leaks at the staple line without impact on perfusion, including the fluid passage via the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

After removal of a diseased area, surgeons reconnect healthy tissue using the anastomosis procedure.

Echelon Circular’s technologies facilitate air-tight and fluid-tight anastomoses to mitigate any possible complications from leakage.

Compared to Medtronic’s DST Series EEA Stapler, the powered stapler was found to decrease leaks by 61% at the staple line.

The device comes with a one-finger push-button firing to minimise the force to fire by 97%, allowing 37% less movement at the distal tip to ensure improved stability, according to Ethicon.

This reduced force to fire and increased stability is expected to standardise performance and minimise usage variation for better outcomes.

Ethicon Endomechanical worldwide president Tom O’Brien said: “Ethicon looks at the entire surgical experience for opportunities to enhance patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and reduce cost to healthcare systems.

“We then bring together our latest science, technology, and evidence to create surgical solutions like the Echelon Circular Powered Stapler.

“We are relentless in our pursuit of surgical solutions to the most complex and challenging surgical problems and focus on delivering those solutions that deliver the best outcomes in real-world clinical settings.”

In May, Ethicon signed an agreement to buy TachoSil Fibrin Sealant, a surgical patch, from Takeda Pharmaceutical.