Ethicon, a part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, has expanded its Megadyne Mega Soft portfolio of reusable patient return electrodes, which are claimed to be used in more than 100 million procedures across the world.

The Megadyne Mega Soft Universal Plus Reusable Patient Return Electrode is a lightweight pressure reduction pad. It provides more cushion, thereby enhancing patient comfort and pressure reduction.

When compared with traditional single-use adhesive patient return electrodes, Mega Soft is claimed to be environmentally friendly and eliminates adhesive-related injuries.

Ethicon EMEA vice president Said Haddad said: “We’re really proud to be launching the new MEGA SOFT Universal Plus in our Energy portfolio. This innovative device once again highlights our relentless aim to bring together science, people, technology and the ideas needed to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.

“The new MEGA SOFT Universal Plus enables us to contribute to enhancing patient protection and environmental sustainability. In addition, it allows us to offer medical professionals the best-in-class tools and improve the standard of care in electrosurgery, which is undoubtedly one of the most widely used surgical technologies today.”

Almost 85% of all surgical procedures use electrosurgery. In this surgery, a patient return electrode is directly applied to the skin. However, electrosurgery-induced injuries may occur in up to five cases for every 1,000 operations.

An adverse effect associated with electrosurgery is the pad site burns when when the pad is incorrectly applied. Such incorrect application leaves patients with scars and other severe injuries.

Mega Soft Universal Plus removes this risk as it does not require direct contact with the patient.

First, the pad is placed on the operating table, then covered with a sheet following which the patient is positioned on top of it. Mega Soft patient return electrodes remove the need for skin preparation before application. Furthermore, it can be used in patients of any size as well as in a wide variety of electrosurgical procedures.

As the pads can be reused for up to 24 months, waste is eliminated. These pads are also compatible with most brands of isolated electrosurgical generators.