Revvity’s EUROIMMUN business has introduced a new automated indirect immunofluorescence test (IIFT) system called UNIQO 160 for autoimmune disease diagnostics.

The company is now offering the new all-in-one solution in countries that accept the CE mark after it obtained the certificate of compliance with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation.

The new test improves the efficiency of the complete IIFT process, from sample preparation, incubation, slide washing and mounting, to image acquisition and analysis.

EUROIMMUN chief technology officer Dr Bianca Huth said: “Traditional IIFT processing can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring the expertise of specially trained lab technicians and a dark room.

“The design of the UNIQO 160 system and technologies built into it alleviate laboratories of many common challenges by reducing hands-on time and creating efficiencies through end-to-end automation.”

The UNIQO 160 combines an advanced automated processing system and a microscope into a single benchtop device to seamlessly incorporate into existing laboratory workflows in diagnostics.

Designed to process 160 primary samples and 18 slides per run, the test can detect individual samples, reagents and slides loaded into the system by barcode.

The UNIQO 160, which is ideal for medium-throughput laboratories, uses an optical system with autofocus and three objectives (four times, 10 times and 20 times) to produce better fluorescence images and enable optimal recording parameters for each product.

After being captured, the images are sent to the EUROLabOffice 4.0 middleware for assessment.

The UNIQO 160 system also provides compatibility with the EUROPattern Classifier, which is anticipated to be released later this year.

Other automated laboratory solutions offered by EUROIMMUN include EUROLabWorkstation IFA, Sprinter XL and EUROPattern Microscope Live systems.