Contract manufacturer Evolve Manufacturing Technologies has entered into a partnership with biotech company Nanōmix to produce rapid antibody and antigen test kits for Covid-19.

The hand-held testing device reads and provides the diagnostics in just ten minutes at the same place where people give their samples.

The system needs no advanced training and operates with Bluetooth technology to provide digital results rapidly and securely.

This type of testing will be useful for settings such as schools, hospitals and assisted living facilities.

Evolve will produce the rapid point-of-care tests at its facility in Fremont, California.

Nanōmix CEO and medical industry veteran David Ludvigson said: “We struggled for nearly 12 months with our prior vendor trying to get the product on line, produced in the way and timeframes we wanted.

“Evolve came in and has done all of that in a matter of a couple of months. We found a great philosophical match, less than a 20-minute drive from where we are.

“We’ve been getting our first sets of products off Evolve’s production lines. And we’re getting ready to go into higher-volume production shortly.”

Production of the tests at the Evolve Manufacturing facilities will aid Nanōmix engineers to work closely with the factory and analyse the assembly and quality control process.

Evolve Manufacturing Technologies CEO Noreen King said: “In my nearly two decades in this field, I have never been as proud as I am of our team’s work in joining the fight against this devastating virus.”

Evolve has a 75,000ft2 manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley.

Nanōmix’s handheld testing platform and assays deliver fast, precise, quantitative data for use in settings where time-to-diagnosis is crucial for making clinical decisions and enhanced patient care.