Intraoperative case support and workflow platform ExplORer Surgical has launched a suite of advanced audio / video capabilities that boost the efficiency of remote support and improve communication and guidance between the medical device rep and the surgical team.

The suite offers various features required for virtual meetings and communication to carry out remote work in a platform for surgery.

ExplORer Surgical improves the user experience for the rep and the surgical team by using augmented reality technology.

The system also supports telestration for providing suitable guidance virtually without disrupting the workflow and efficiency.

Moreover, the platform has features for zooming in and out on objects, procedural areas, and other elements for increased visibility.

ExplORer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried said: “Our entire platform is built on OR efficiency research from the University of Chicago and we continue to identify the best ways to bring exciting technologies into surgical workflows that make sense and don’t further complicate the OR or procedural suites.

“In a rapidly changing world and in high-stakes environments like the OR, we are dedicated to finding the best methods to bring innovation to the surgical and procedural teams.”

ExplORer Surgical’s HIPAA-compliant platform, which was launched recently, will alleviate restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The two-way video for case support and remote proctoring runs parallelly with its digitised procedural workflow application.

The digital workflow creates a playbook of best practices relevant to the procedure and each member of the surgical team.

This way, it makes critical data accessible throughout the procedure.