China based ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, Zhaoke Ophthalmology has united with US-based medical device manufacturer, Eyedetec Medical to distribute Eye Lipid Mobilizer (ELM) in several Asian regions.

Eyedetec Medical has a portfolio of products designed to combat dry eye disease (DED) including EyeGenie, a dry eye treatment mask. ELM is designed to relieve moderate and severe DED by stabilising the oil layer of the eye’s tear film. ELM reduces tear evaporation and normalises the ocular surface. Using a combination of heat delivery, resonant frequency stimulation, and neuromodulation to offer patients various treatment options.

The collaboration will bring these treatment solutions to China, Taiwan, South Korea, and the ASEAN countries. In the agreement, Zhaoke Ophthalmology will have the exclusive rights to register, import, promote, distribute, market, and sell ELM.

Eyedetec Medical have ran multiple clinical studies for the device and found it was easy for patients to learn and use for home therapy.

“With the ELM, we have reimagined dry eye treatment, and have created a solution that is remarkably effective, affordable, and convenient,” said said Dr. Barry J Linder, CEO of Eyedetec Medical. “As the incidence of evaporative dry eye disease continues to grow around the world, the markets in Greater China, South Korea, and ASEAN countries are especially attractive, with large numbers of tech savvy patients that want innovative treatments delivered in the comfort of their homes.”

Eyedetec Medical is preparing for ELM’s U.S. FDA premarket submission. Once cleared in the U.S., ELM will be the first and only physician-prescribed therapy that treats the root cause of dry eye disease at home. ELM is not currently commercially available for sale in the U.S.