Ophthalmic technology firm Eyenovia is developing a new microdosing system to facilitate the digital delivery of eye medications.

The new system is expected to improve the overall patient experience and streamline practice flow.

The company has designed the investigational device with no protruding parts and a recessed nozzle, which helps avoid touching the patients’ eyes, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection.

It anticipates a gentle dosing experience with the device, for creating a fundamental paradigm shift in eye care.

Currently used only in clinical study settings, the new device demonstrated promising results in efficient and cleaner ocular drug delivery.

Eyenovia CEO Michael Rowe said: “The proprietary Eyenovia device takes a novel approach to administering eye medication via microdosing and does it in a way that should improve the patient experience.

“Traditional eye droppers are cumbersome, inaccurate, and prone to contamination. Even when handled with care, there’s still a significant likelihood that medication patients are paying for gets wasted due to missing drops.”

The company stated that the eye drop innovation has stagnated as a result of changing medical device regulations.

Michael Rowe added: “We’re proud to be innovating in this space where we have the potential to make lives easier for millions of Americans and people worldwide suffering from chronic eye conditions.”

Eyenovia is developing a pipeline of advanced therapeutics based on its proprietary Microdose Array Print (MAP) platform technology.

It aims to achieve the clinical microdosing of ophthalmic pharmaceutical agents’ advanced formulations using its targeted ocular delivery system.

The ocular delivery systems are expected to replace the traditional eyedropper delivery and improve tolerability, safety, patient compliance and topical delivery success for ophthalmic eye treatments.