FallCall Solutions has unveiled an international collaboration with HSC Technology Group to launch iPhone and Android-based medical alert systems in Australia.

Through this collaboration, the HSC Talius Smart Care System and next-generation Bluetooth medical alert devices will be integrated with the FallCall application on a user’s iPhone or Android device.

A help call will be activated on the medical alert when a fall is detected. This call can connect 24-hour response partners throughout the country to the user on their mobile phone.

Following an evaluation of the situation, help will be sent if required.

This collaboration will allow elderly people in the country to receive help from emergency response services from wherever they are.

FallCall Solutions stated that this connectivity will provide freedom for older adults to live an active lifestyle outside their homes.

Launched in 2018, the company’s technology was claimed to be the first to bring a complete, app-based, 24/7 emergency monitoring system to iPhone, Apple Watch and Android devices in the US.

FallCall Solutions founder Dr Shea Gregg said: “Despite the increased risk of falls and other medical issues, today’s older adults tend to live active lifestyles and use their mobile phones or wearable devices daily.

“By partnering with such a forward-looking company as HSC Technology Group, we are excited to scale FallCall globally and to offer a completely new electronic Personal Emergency Response System (ePERS) to the growing ageing-in-place demographic looking for smarter safety tech throughout the world.”

HSC Technology Group’s Talius system is a software as a service (SaaS) data analytics platform that leverages next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide decision-making insights that improve people’s autonomy, independence, lives and safety.

FallCall will connect the Bluetooth medical alert buttons of a user through a simple subscription setup process and use Talius to direct help call communications to emergency response providers in Australia. 

The company intends to introduce the Talius Platform in the country this month for iOS and in February for Android.