Surgeons will now be able to use Levita Magnetics’ most advanced magnetic surgery platform, after the US Food and Drug Administration granted the device clearance.

The MARS platform is the successor to Levita’s Magnetic Surgery platform.  The California, US-based company says that the new platform has been designed to give surgeons increased control of surgical instruments and to have more efficient methods of hospital implementation.

Magnetic surgery is an emerging technology aimed at the abdominal surgery market. A deployable magnetic grasper is placed under the skin to hold onto tissue and moved by an external magnet placed on a robotic arm. The arm, which is controlled by the surgeon, allows tissue manipulation of organs such as the liver, gallbladder, colon, and prostate by magnetic movement of the grasper through the skin.

According to Levita Magnetics, the MARS platform reduces the number of incisions required during laparoscopic procedures and results in fewer scars. The robotic arm also means there is no need for an additional assistant.

A market model by GlobalData estimates the laparoscopy access instrument market in the US was worth $338m in 2021. GlobalData also predicts that medical robotic revenues will reach $14.5bn by 2030.

“MARS by Levita has the potential to reshape the surgical industry and forever change medical innovation. Our pioneering MARS platform gives patients and surgeons a transformative tool that will usher in a fundamental shift in surgery for years to come,” said Levita Chairperson Maria Sainz.

“Levita’s system can aid in surgeon proficiency and efficiency, and can reduce the need for assistive personnel, signaling a major achievement not only for Levita but for surgical care.”