Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation announced that it will debut its Synapse Pathology, the company’s newly acquired and branded PACS digital pathology solution, at the upcoming 2023 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual meeting.

Synapse Pathology is part of a new wave of technologies aimed at improving and speed and efficiency of pathology diagnoses. Traditional diagnostic techniques, such as the use of glass slides, can often result in delays in diagnosing patients as access to imaging records is not centralised.

Fujifilm’s digital solution uses whole slide images from multiple scanning vendors to streamline diagnosis for pathologists. Fujifilm completed the asset purchase from Inspirata in January 2023.

Synapse Pathology delivers digital images for diagnosis 1.7 hours faster than glass slides. By instantly sharing patient cases with subspecialists, the technology is able to radiate workload to different teams. The increase in accessibility to images on a centralised imaging record database is a hallmark of recent technologies being implemented in healthcare facilities. In April 2023, laboratories across NHS England hospitals installed digital pathology solutions with further rollout expected.

Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation medical informatics senior vice-president Bill Lacy said: “The addition of Pathology to our enterprise imaging portfolio is exciting for us, as it aligns with our expertise and strengths in the area of digitising medical imaging and helping providers smoothly transition to all the benefits of digital workflow.

The cloud-accessible architecture of healthcare solutions taps into a growing global market of cloud-based technologies. GlobalData predicts that cloud services revenue will reach $738bn by 2026. However, there have been industry-wide concerns about cybersecurity as the amount of patient-stored data grows.