GE HealthCare has introduced three new solutions for the improvement of radiation therapy efficiency and precision care.

Intelligent Radiation Therapy (iRT), Auto Segmentation and an updated Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy Suite (AIR Open Coil Suite) are the new solutions introduced.

GE collaborated with more than 150 clinicians worldwide, ranging from local hospitals to major healthcare institutions, to create the new iRT platform.

This platform enables interoperability, efficiency and connectivity across the entire radiation oncology care continuum.

Its main features comprise an integrated workflow that links different applications into a user-friendly interface and multi-vendor interoperability that connects existing RT systems via an automated backend service and task automation.

The platform also includes a collection of RT applications from GE HealthCare and other third-party providers.

Elekta, RaySearch, Accuray and Spectronic Medical are the entities currently partnering in the field of radiation therapy.

With the launch of Auto Segmentation, the company is also focused on streamlining the process of delineating organs at risk (OARs).

An algorithm-based application powered by deep learning, Auto Segmentation has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration and has also been CE marked.

This tool reads CT images, helping to automatically identify and label the organs at OARs.

The AIR Open Coil Suite is a comprehensive imaging suite designed to support clinicians in various aspects of disease characterisation, treatment planning, tumour targeting, healthy tissue preservation, therapy response assessment and improved patient comfort.

It includes three AIR coils for a better signal-to-noise ratio and offers image quality that may decrease the requirement for additional scans.

Furthermore, the system has a new tabletop design that can accommodate all essential patient immobilisation devices, eliminating the necessity to buy a separate board.

GE HealthCare Oncology Solutions general manager Dr Ben Newton said: “These new technologies may help transform the future of radiation therapy by optimising and accelerating the oncology care pathway, as we know that is critical for the outcomes of patients battling cancer across the globe.”