GE Healthcare has collaborated with augmented reality (AR) med-tech company MediView XR to develop the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System for the integration of medical imaging into mixed-reality solutions.

The new collaboration intends to advance precision care using remote collaboration, evidence-based insights and intuitive visualisation.

The existing technology platform of MediView uses spatial computing and mixed reality, combined with medical imaging for seamless remote collaboration and AR visualisation.

GE Healthcare stated that the partnership combines the company’s digital infrastructure, data analytics, interventional imaging technologies, and clinical decision support capabilities with MediView’s knowledge in telecollaboration capabilities, 3D AR medical visualisation, procedural data insights and surgical navigation.

GE Healthcare Global Interventional general manager Arnaud Marie said: “Augmented reality in imaging is key to improved visualisation of anatomy and enhanced user experience.

“Our collaboration with MediView demonstrates our commitment to advancing the delivery of precision care by expanding the capabilities of our own imaging-guided systems through an open architecture and the integration of promising and complementary technologies, like OmnifyXR Interventional Suite, into clinical workflow.

“Together, we can help clinicians use image guidance technologies to their full potential in order to help in the delivery of high-quality patient care.”

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, the new OmnifyXR solution offers an AR display of interventional X-ray imaging equipment.

It integrates several holographic displays of live imaging to improve ergonomics.

The system comprises a 3D volume for increasing anatomy visualisation to assist physicians with the examination of complex anatomies and guiding clinical decision-making.

It also includes remote collaboration, which allows training, observation and the enabling of collaborative care.