GE Healthcare has introduced Voluson Expert 22, the latest next-generation advanced ultrasound for women’s health.

The new ultrasound uses graphic-based beam former technology to provide better flexibility in imaging operations and produce higher resolution images.

Voluson Expert 22, which was designed in collaboration with top OBGYN’s, features artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools as well as a personalised touch panel, and colour and lighting options.

Its Lyric architecture helps obtain higher resolution, more detailed images as well as increasing independence from body habitus and other difficult scanning conditions.

The architecture advances penetration, resolution and frame rates to deliver improved 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound images.

GE Healthcare stated that the presence of AI-powered modern technologies guarantees increased consistency in exams and a reduction in tasks for clinicians.

The AI-powered tools include SonoPelvicFloor, which simplifies the examination process by 80%, SonoCNS, which helps drive workflow efficiency, and SonoLyst for the identification of fetal anatomy.

Voluson has a modern user interface and 23.8-inch high-definition ultrasound (HDU) display, which offers three image sizes for clinicians to easily see finer details.

GE Healthcare Women’s Health general manager Gerald Seifriedsberger said: “Technology continues to move obstetrics and gynaecology forward, but there is a delicate balance between using technology to enhance medical care and the human role in medicine.

“We are incredibly proud to build on our legacy of innovation in women’s health with the introduction of the Voluson Expert 22, and deliver advanced ultrasound imaging at the point of care that allows for more shared decision-making between clinician and patient.”

Clinicians can also personalise the user interface according to their own preferences.

The Respond probe activation in the Voluson Expert 22 automatically initialises the probes and presets when the probe is removed from the holder.