GE Healthcare has launched Definium Tempo, a new digital X-ray system, to reduce workflow burden and improve productivity for radiology departments.

The new fixed overhead tube suspension (OTS) X-ray system is intended to be a ‘personal assistant’ to radiologists and technologists.

The device uses automation to reduce workflow burdens and help radiology departments boost patient care.

It also reduces patient positioning time, physical workload, errors and image retakes.

The Definium Tempo’s tube-mounted console features functionality for patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification and positioning setup.

Other automatic features include auto-positioning, auto-centring and auto-tracking to maximise the overall ergonomic operation for the technologist.

Definium Tempo has been designed with easy-to-use features which help in reducing the number of workflow steps and actions required.

North Central Bronx Hospital radiologist Dr Orlando Ortiz said: “As a radiologist, image quality is everything and these images are a definite upgrade.

Workflow was an important consideration to our team – it needed to save, or eliminate, unnecessary steps while keeping the technologist present with the patient.

“With user-friendly features embedded in the console, our technologists are able to stay focused on the patient in the room and on the table, and provide critical care to patients who are nervous, worried or anxious about the exam which helps improve overall outcomes and helps us get to diagnoses faster.”

The X-ray system also includes GE Helix 2.1 advanced imaging processing for quadruple-resolution images, which will be provided by FlashPad HD detectors.

Recently, GE Healthcare signed an agreement to acquire surgical visualisation firm BK Medical from Altaris Capital Partners for $1.45bn in cash.