Genetron Health has entered a strategic partnership agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to expand precision cancer diagnosis and monitoring in public hospitals across China.

The partnership aims to expand innovation, commercialisation and promotion of next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms, including Genetron S5 in the field of the molecular cancer diagnosis.

It also intends to promote the application and development of Genetron S5 in more fields, including reproductive health, genetic disease, pathological microorganism testing and other independent clinical lab testing and scientific research.

National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)-approved Genetron S5 platform offers simple targeted sequencing workflows and several throughput options.

Genetron Health co-founder and CEO Wang Sizhen said: “We have been working with Thermo Fisher, one of our world-class partners, to create open, flexible, convenient and accurate molecular diagnostic products, and to offer a comprehensive one-stop solution.

“Our products and solutions are designed to empower medical institutions to continuously improve their diagnostic and treatment capabilities, bringing more accurate and speedy services to the public.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific China president Tony Acciarito said: “Thermo Fisher’s memorandum of understanding with Genetron in this field will help further our companies’ work together to develop IVD solutions for the fast-growing Chinese market.

“We look forward to generating significant customer value and promoting precision medicine to improve public health throughout China.”

Genetron Health has obtained NMPA approval for clinical application of seven IVD products across the NGS, dPCR and qPCR platforms.

The company offers overall R&D and commercialisation solutions for in vitro diagnostic technologies on multiple technology platforms.