Genome Insight has launched its whole-genome sequencing (WGS) test, CancerVision, in the US.

The test has been developed to offer precise, timely, and medically relevant information that assists in making individualised healthcare decisions.

CancerVision integrates advanced bioinformatics and computational-sequencing techniques to determine whole-genome mutational profiles of individual cancer patients.

These profiles will be analysed and curated in a user-friendly format for physicians to implement relevant and actionable insights.

According to the company, the test helps find genetic variations, including point mutations, structural variations and gene fusions, associated with FDA-approved treatments.

It offers additional genomic findings linked to personalised treatment approaches, as well as helps in engaging suitable clinical studies to assist with future steps.

CancerVision also provides complete access to tumour mutational burden and mutational signature and inherited germline polymorphisms to improve the decision-making process.

Following the presentation of data at the American Association of Cancer Research 2023 annual meeting, the company launched CancerVision in the US.

The data revealed that the test demonstrated a more thorough analysis of specific genetic mutations in breast cancers compared to traditional BRCA gene testing.

Genome Insight and Ultima Genomics have joined forces to make WGS affordable for cancer patients.

To achieve this, both entities intend to combine Ultima Genomics’ low-cost sequencing with Genome Insight’s bioinformatics platform.

Genome Insight CEO Jehee Suh said: “We are an organisation of medical doctors with computational know-how that enables us to harness this incredibly important data for real-time, real-world application for cancer patients and beyond.

“Our goal is to sequence genomic data for one million cancer patients, progressing our understanding of cancer for improved patient outcomes.”

Furthermore, the company announced the opening of its corporate headquarters in San Diego, California.