GN Hearing has introduced a new platform, ReSound OMNIA, to address the challenge of hearing speech in noise.

The new platform offers significantly better speech hearing in noisy environments, with a 150% improvement in speech understanding compared to any previous ReSound aids.

It is expected to set a new standard in hearing technology and will enhance users’ interactions with the world.

The hearing aid platform ReSound OMNIA can also be seamlessly coupled to devices to hear calls, music, audiobooks, videos or podcasts, working just as a pair of wireless earbuds would.

These advances will provide hearing loss patients with a new solution to help them hear the finest details of sounds easily.

In a clinical study, it was observed that about 20% of respondents had issues with their own voice sound while wearing hearing aids.

The new device addresses this challenge by improving the perception of the user’s voice, which will improve the retention of hearing aids.

GN Hearing CEO Gitte Aabo said: “At GN Hearing, we know that hearing in noise and hearing aid comfort are both critically important to hearing aid users.

“The new ReSound OMNIA hearing aids show what we can achieve when we put the needs of each individual user at the centre of our design process.

“We address the difficult challenges, such as speech understanding in noise, so that they can enjoy every conversational nuance.”

Initially, ReSound OMNIA hearing aids will be introduced in the US and Canada on 25 August. Following this, they will be made available across the world.

The new hearing aids are available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models, as well as in eight different colours.

ReSound has also introduced a new first-of-its-kind feature for additional sound performance and comfort in the ReSound Smart3D App.

Named Check My Fit, this feature provides users with guidance on how to wear their hearing aids correctly through a quick ear selfie.

In 2018, GN Hearing expanded the Smart Hearing Alliance with Cochlear to develop new solutions for people with moderate to profound hearing loss.