Swedish diagnostics firm Gradientech has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Biomedica for its QuickMIC system.

Under the terms of the agreement, the in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices and life science products supplier Biomedica will commercialise Gradientech’s QuickMIC system in Switzerland, Austria and Central Eastern Europe.

QuickMIC is an ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing system that has been designed to provide precise and reliable results in two to four hours.

This saves time and allows sepsis patients to quickly receive specific, personalised guidance regarding the correct dose of antibiotics.

The system performs antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) directly from blood cultures.

Gradientech CEO Sara Thorslund said: “We are very proud to present Biomedica as our first distributor in Europe, a significant milestone for the company and a perfect partner to roll out the QuickMIC system in Europe.”

The company stated that the modular design of the QuickMIC system makes it flexible and allows hospitals to commence small-scale testing that can be followed by later scaling up when required.

Biomedica managing director Dr Petra Wiedemann said: “At Biomedica, we aim to meet all our customers’ needs at the highest level. Innovation is one of our core values and adding the product line from Gradientech is a perfect addition to our Sepsis portfolio in that respect.

“It not only strengthens our position in a strategically important segment where we have major expertise, it also enables to improve clinical decisions in a time-sensitive environment.”

In May, Gradientech obtained CE-IVD approval for the QuickMIC system as well as its gram-negative panel.