Halo Diagnostics has announced a partnership with Ikonopedia, a breast imaging reporting and tracking solution, to offer genetic testing for breast cancer.

The collaboration aims to improve the detection of early-stage breast cancer, as well as patient outcomes.

Under the partnership, Halo’s genetic lab and precision diagnostic software services will be integrated with Ikonopedia’s mammography software for follow-up tracking and one-click radiology reporting.

This integration is anticipated to lead to a 40% increase in follow-up imaging compliance, which will aid in early detection and lead to less invasive treatments.

Additionally, the partnership will use Halo’s Hereditary Gene Panel Tyrer-Cuzick 8 and Polygenic Risk Score to increase the identification of patient risk.

Halo Diagnostics founder and chief product officer Brian Axe said: “We’re proud to partner with Ikonopedia and their robust breast imaging reporting and risk-assessment tools.

“Our combined solution will save lives by improving early detection through fast, accurate diagnosis and personalised care.”

As part of the partnership deal, an integrated risk assessment tool provided by Ikonopedia will identify patients who are eligible for hereditary testing.

Following medical indication, physicians can order Halo’s Women’s Health Precision Diagnostic suite.

The Women’s Health Precision Diagnostic suite combines advanced imaging, a risk calculator and genetic test results to determine which patients may benefit from additional breast cancer screening and management. 

Ikonopedia CEO and president Emily Crane said: “Halo and Ikonopedia’s goals for early detection and personalised treatment are incredibly well aligned.

“We’re excited to partner with a forward-thinking, precision diagnostics company to enable broader access to genetic testing and improved follow-up.”