Hamilton and Bionano Genomics have developed a new DNA extraction automation solution, named Long String VANTAGE.

The device has been designed to extract ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) DNA for use in optical genome mapping (OGM).

Bionano’s sample preparation workflow requires extraction of UHMW DNA of high quality and quantity as a prerequisite.

Generally, UHMW DNA extraction is performed by trained and experienced laboratory personnel manually, a process that limits the volume and application in routine sample preparation.

The Long String VANTAGE has been developed by combining Hamilton’s expertise in automating genomic workflows using precision engineering of automated liquid handling solutions and consumables, with Bionano’s capabilities in the extracting, enzymatic treatment and analysing of UHMW DNA molecules.

Hamilton stated that the new solution is the first walk-away automation solution for UHMW DNA extraction in the world.

Hamilton Bonaduz CEO Martin Frey said: “Hamilton is highly committed to empowering genomic sciences and diagnostics with innovative products and applications by collaborating with leading kit and technology providers.

“Analysing ultra-long DNA molecules by Optical Genome Mapping or genome sequencing technologies is providing insight into previously unresolved questions about genome biology and structural aberrations of the genome with clinical relevance.”

The company claimed that the Long String VANTAGE is the first assay-ready workstation solution in its Long String Genomics product line and enables UHMW DNA extraction at large scale.

The device allows customers using the Bionano Prep SP Blood and Cell Culture DNA Isolation Kit to obtain up to 12 UHMW DNA samples within four hours.

Hamilton and Bionano are planning to collaborate with select clinical research labs to test and further develop applications for the Long String VANTAGE and Bionano Prep SP kits.

Some of the workflows are expected to be commercialised by the end of the year.