HandsFree Health has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a new personal emergency response speaker (PERS).

The new speakers join the company’s advanced, secure, medical alert devices offering, including smartwatches and pendants.  

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act devices can be purchased individually.

The company’s WellBe is a voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform. Equipped with advanced voice technology, WellBe delivers curated health-related answers, reminders, benefits information and entertainment.

The new speaker will allow caregivers and older adults to better manage their health using WellBe’s digital voice platform and compatible medical alert devices.

HandsFree Health CEO Mike Cardillo said: “HandsFree Health is focused on helping ageing Americans reinvent the way healthcare is managed.”

Leading medical and home healthcare software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider HandsFree Health enables older adults and caregivers to manage medications and monitor medical device readings via its 4G LTE-enabled mobile PERS devices such as pendant, smartwatch and speaker.

HandsFree Health president Dan Messina said: “Four out of five Americans over 65 want their care managed within their homes. HandsFree Health provides more accessible and efficient products for home healthcare.”

HandsFree Health is engaged in the development of fully integrated health and wellness platforms.

The WellBe Smartwatch is a medical alert device that enables users to seek help in emergencies. The voice and GPS technologies ensure users get medical help wherever they are located.

It comes with various features such as a heart rate monitor and pedometer, safe showering and optional fall detection.