Health Canada has granted a licence to Medtronic Canada for the MiniMed 780G insulin pump system for use by type 1 diabetes patients.

The device has been designed for the continuous delivery of basal insulin at selectable rates and amounts.

With an advanced hybrid closed loop (AHCL), the MiniMed 780G system is claimed to be Canada’s first and only insulin pump to automatically adjust sugars every five minutes.

It is indicated to manage type 1 diabetes in people aged seven to 80 years with a total daily insulin dose of eight units or more each day.

The system has been developed using Medtronic’s advanced SmartGuard technology to prevent highs and lows in insulin delivery.

The technology also allows users to personalise their glucose delivery by adjusting the setting as low as 5.5mmol/L, which is lower than any other AHCL system.

Additionally, it allows users to stabilise their blood sugar levels and can reduce the need for injections by up to 96% for people using insulin pens.

The MiniMed 780G system is designed to require less input from the user so that it simplifies the day-to-day interactions with the pump.

Medtronic Canada Endocrinology senior director Laura Cameron said: “Our latest system is designed for real life by increasing automation for an easier way to help stabilise sugar levels.

“Mealtimes can be stressful, especially when you’re on the go, so we’re pleased to have designed an advanced algorithm that automatically covers for underestimated carbs with meal detection technology.”

The company stated that the Bluetooth connectivity feature of the system allows users, as well as their care partners, to access real-time glucose data and trends using the applications on compatible iOS and Android smartphones.

MiniMed 780G demonstrated significant improvement across all glycaemic metrics, compared to several daily injections and CGM (standard of care), according to the ADAPT study data.

Medtronic noted that customers using current MiniMed 770G insulin pumps can upgrade through a software update in the coming months.

It intends to commercially launch the MiniMed 780G system hardware pump next year.