Health Canada has approved Vielight’s device to boost the recovery of Covid-19 patients using near-infrared light technology.

The portable, lightweight and non-invasive Vielight RX Plus device can be used without a prescription and is suitable for home and travel use.

The device is specifically designed for Covid-19 patients who report acute symptoms within seven days of symptom onset.

Vielight founder and CEO Dr Lew Lim said: “Our Vielight RX Plus technology strengthens and protects our immune and respiratory systems while suppressing the replication of coronaviruses.

“We are pleased that Health Canada has granted approval for our technology so we can expand access to this treatment to the thousands of people who still contract Covid-19 every day.”

The Vielight RX Plus device was approved by the Canadian regulator based on a clinical trial.

It is claimed to be the first non-invasive photobiomodulation (PBM) technology that received approval based on the assessment of patient data from a direct clinical study.

Vielight worked with independent testing labs, a contract research organisation and other clinical investigators to carry out the randomised clinical trial that recruited 295 subjects.

The University of Johannesburg distinguished visiting professor Michael Hamblin said: “The body of published research on PBM and coronavirus infection aetiology has suggested that PBM may be effective in inhibiting the harmful effects of coronaviruses.

“It could boost the activities of the immune system while managing the risk of inflammation. PBM is also recognised for its healing properties, which may aid recovery.”

The RX Plus device will be priced at $549 and is expected to be available for purchase by consumers, doctors and practitioners in approximately three months.