My Health Logic, a subsidiary of Health Logic Interactive, has entered into a licence agreement with an arm’s length third party (licensor) to acquire a global, exclusive licence to the UAL-Chip, a lab-on-chip (LOC) technology for kidney disease diagnosis.

The UAL-Chip can potentially be used in a smartphone connected, handheld device to offer quick point-of-care (POC) chronic kidney disease (CKD) diagnosis in less than five minutes.

A life-changing chronic condition, CKD is harmful to patients and is very expensive to treat if not detected at an early stage.

My Health Logic intends to offer a low-cost, accessible tool to aid in early CKD detection and treatment for many at-risk patients.

Using microfluidic technology, the UAL-Chip can check the albumin levels of urine and provide quick results to a users’ smartphone, as well as their healthcare specialist.

My Health Logic plan to collect the data through MATLOC, their handheld POC device, which is currently in the developmental stage, and store it on a continued care platform.

LOC technology lead inventor Dr Francis Lin said: “Our lab-on-chip platform can give accurate results rivalling central laboratories in precision but in an accessible, low cost and rapid form usable in the home, fulfilling the dream of true point-of-care diagnosis and personalised medicine.”

Under the terms of the licence agreement, My Health Logic will pay annual royalties on the net sales of licensed products to the licensor, as well as paying previous patent costs, annual licence maintenance fees and certain amounts at regulatory approval process milestones.

They will also develop, manufacture and market products that incorporate the licensed technology, marketing such products in the US and Canada within six months of receiving regulatory approval.

The company did not disclose the financial details of the agreement.