has raised $50m in Series D funding to accelerate the adoption of its smartphone-powered kidney test in the US.

Schusterman Family Investments has led the financing round, while participants also included Aleph and other existing shareholders.

The Series D also included a previously unannounced investment of $45m in February last year, along with this latest funding.

The latest investment comes after the company received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its smartphone-powered, at-home kidney test called Minuteful Kidney. With the approval, Minuteful Kidney became the first and only smartphone-powered at-home kidney test approved by the FDA. CEO and founder Yonatan Adiri said: “By reducing barriers to essential diagnostic tests, Minuteful Kidney can reduce healthcare costs, create clinical value for providers and help prevent patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds avoid costly and disruptive kidney disease treatments.

“In the process, we can make health care more accessible and equitable while providing a game-changing solution to one the biggest cost drivers in healthcare.

“During these turbulent times, we are grateful to our investors for believing in our company, trusting our capabilities and getting us one step closer to that goal.”

Minuteful Kidney is a clinical-grade kidney test and patient-engagement service and it is designed to serve the needs of health plans, health systems and kidney care management groups.

This solution has shown up to 50% adherence in previously untested populations.

Furthermore, the company developed new computer vision and smartphone-enabled wound image technology to facilitate the digitisation of wound management in order to enhance patient outcomes.

The company collaborates with healthcare organisations in the US and the UK, enabling healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients.