Healthcare products manufacturer Heartland Health has announced a new style of surgical face masks as Covid-19 cases in the US are rising.

The latest face masks have gaiter style design and are worn around the neck. Compared to the ones worn over the ears, they have various benefits.

The masks are designed to provide a comfortable and closer fit to the face and are adaptive to facial curves.

Furthermore, they can be fixed to the nose using an embedded nose wire and an elastic band that can aid in maintaining breathability while lowering the chances of disease transmission.

Heartland Health’s face masks have an internal filter that surpasses the surgical and N95 mask filtration standards, eradicating harmful airborne pathogens before they are inhaled to stop disease spread.

Furthermore, the face masks do not get in the way with glasses, hearing aids, or any facial accessories, increasing accessibility.

Authorised by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under a EUA, the product can be used by healthcare personnel (HCP) in healthcare settings as personal protective equipment (PPE) to offer a fluid and particulate material physical barrier to prevent HCPs being exposed to respiratory droplets and large particles.

Through the USA Promise Program, Heartland Health will put a percentage of sales into use to produce masks to be donated to organisations in the country.

The company is setting up a new, domestic PPE supply chain. In addition, it is creating jobs and requires less dependence on foreign nations while sourcing raw materials locally.

Heartland Health designs and manufactures non-woven products.