Hologic launches expanded Omni suite surgical offering in EMEA
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Hologic launches expanded Omni suite surgical offering in EMEA

01 Oct 2021 (Last Updated October 1st, 2021 09:40)

The expanded Omni suite provides greater flexibility and choice to physicians to optimise diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.

Hologic launches expanded Omni suite surgical offering in EMEA
Long working length allows the procedure to be adapted to a patient’s anatomy. Credit: Volkan Olmez / Unsplash.

Medical technology firm Hologic has unveiled its expanded gynaecological surgical offering, Omni suite, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA).

The expanded offering currently includes a versatile Omni 30° hysteroscope, the Omni Lok cervical seal and the Omni 5 French seal.

These products complement Hologic’s existing portfolio of gynaecological surgical solutions.

The Omni expansion optimises diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy by providing greater flexibility and choice for physicians.

The three interchangeable sheaths, ranging from 3.7mm to 6mm with 0° or the new 30° field of view options, provide improved diagnostic and operative versatility.

A long working length of 200mm helps in adapting the procedure to the patient’s anatomy.

The system of interchangeable sheaths gives the convenience of seeing and treating with a single hysteroscope.

Hologic international strategic development vice-president Tanja Brycker said: “The option to ‘see and treat’ is becoming more common across Europe. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of moving these types of procedures to the outpatient environment and this has been further highlighted by the pandemic.

“Gynaecologists need to have access to a wider range of products that enable them to adapt quickly to the requirements of each patient.

“We expect Omni 30° will quickly become a device of choice for use in outpatients by gynaecologists across EMEA.”

The addition of the Omni Lok cervical seal and Omni 5 French seal cap to the Hologic portfolio of products supports procedural efficiency.

Omni Lok Cervical Seal reduces fluid leakage and helps maintain distention, improves procedural efficiencies in the operating room, and decreases clean-up time after hysteroscopy.

The company stated that it is compatible with both MyoSure and Omni hysteroscopes.

Using 5 French tools, the Omni 5 French Seal Cap also reduces fluid leakage and backsplash by more than 75%.