Medical technology company Hologic has launched a comprehensive surgical offering, the Omni Suite, which can optimise diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.

The Omni Suite includes Omni 30° and 0° hysteroscopes, Omni 4K video system, and the Omni Lok cervical seal.

The full suite helps to customise operative capabilities and powerful visualisation to diagnose and treat patients.

With three interchangeable sheaths, ranging from 3.7mm to 6mm with 0° or 30° field of view options, the hysteroscope has 200mm-long working length to modify the procedure fitting to the patient’s anatomy.

Furthermore, the Omni 4K video system offers high-quality 4K resolution of vibrant colours, posterior illumination, and even light distribution.

Providers can use the system to confidently visualise the uterine cavity during in-office hysteroscopy with the same clarity achievable in the operating room.

In addition, the suite automatically captures and stores images with the help of an easy to use, customisable, and programmable interface.

Hologic Clinical Development GYN Division head Dr Karla Loken said: “Every product in the Omni Suite was specifically designed to address the nuanced challenges of in-office hysteroscopy and to promote clinical confidence and better outcomes for women.

“Physicians seeking a reliable, customisable approach to better serve their patients during in-office procedures can now access advanced technology designed with the patient and operative efficiencies in mind.”

Omni Suite has been developed to enhance the utilisation of Hologic’s full GYN surgical portfolio, which includes the NovaSure endometrial ablation system, the MyoSure tissue removal system, and the Fluent fluid management system.