InBody has introduced the new BP 170 automatic blood pressure monitor, which provides individuals with the option to self-record and track key health metrics at home.

Using the oscillometric method, the new device accurately tracks daily changes in a person’s diastolic and systolic blood pressure, as well as their pulse rate.

The new InBody BP 170 at-home device can be used by applying the one-touch cuff to one arm and starting the reading with the touch of a button.

It displays a digital health report for the user within minutes.

The company stated that spikes in an individual’s blood pressure levels can increase the risk of heart attack, metabolic syndrome and stroke, as well as other chronic diseases.

The new automatic blood pressure monitor features a large display for optimal visibility.

InBody claims that BP 170 fulfils all the AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standard (ISO 81060-2:2018) requirements.

InBody USA CEO Harry Yun said: “We are thrilled to bring the benefits of a medical-grade blood pressure device to households across the globe.

“By doing so, our hope is to expand access to this technology, pinpoint early data variances that could be indicative of serious health conditions and support the use of blood pressure outputs for assessing general wellbeing.”

The company stated that the new device makes it simple for users to review data that could reveal signs of irregular pulse rate, early morning hypertension and incorrect cuff posture.

By syncing the InBody BP 170 with the mobile app, users can track their health progress through the InBody app.

This allows users to see blood pressure results in real-time and helps monitor any major fluctuations.