Indegene has unveiled plans to expand its partnership with ConTIPI Medical to bring the ProVate device to assist women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

Developed by ConTIPI, ProVate is a ready-to-use device designed for vaginal insertion by the user. The device comes with a simple applicator, resembling a menstrual tampon, therefore enabling women to take charge of their own treatment.

ConTIPI has already received a 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for this device to commercialise in the US. The device also has a CE mark to market in Europe.

ConTIPI Medical CEO and medical director Dr Elan Ziv said: “We have worked with Indegene to help us navigate the complex process from product innovation to patient adoption and we are excited to continue to partner throughout this commercialisation journey.”

The expanded partnership scope encompasses various services throughout the commercialisation process.

Indegene will provide services comprising pricing, reimbursement and market access, pharmacovigilance, medical communications, sales, regulatory, marketing and commercial operations support.

The two companies will work towards enhancing revenue and ensuring a predictable cash outflow.

ConTIPI will leverage Indegene’s data-driven omnichannel marketing solution to deliver a significant impact compared to field sales representatives alone.

Indegene uses its own artificial intelligence technology and health care provider (HCP) data to precisely categorise and focus on HCPs.

These capabilities assist clients in implementing optimised sales and marketing strategies.

Indegene emerging biotech and key accounts senior vice-president Timothy Moore said: “With this joint commercialisation agreement, we will continue to offer ConTIPI the exceptional strategic advantage and services that industry leaders have come to trust from Indegene.”