Inspira Technologies has announced the development of a new augmented respiration technology, dubbed the VORTX Blood Oxygenator, to imitate lung function.

The technology will mainly focus on efficiently saturating the blood with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide.

VORTX, which is currently under development, is anticipated to enhance haemodynamic performance and minimise oxygenator failure.

According to the company, the existing blood oxygenator market relies on hollow fibre membrane technology, which has been linked to medical complications including device failure, coagulation and haemolysis.

These issues pose risks and have an impact on patient outcomes.

Inspira is developing a new blood oxygenator to function as an independent stand-alone disposable unit.

It will also be compatible with the company’s INSPIRAART (augmented respiration technology) system and ALICEdevice.

INSPIRAART system has been developed to rebalance the oxygen saturation levels of patients.

Once the development and testing of VORTX are completed, the unit is anticipated to be submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for regulatory review and subsequent approval.

Inspira Technologies chief technology officer Dr Daniella Yeheskely-Hayon said: “Having vast experience in blood oxygenation development, my team and I are excited to lead the development of the revolutionary VORTXBlood Oxygenator.

“Inspira Technologies’ highly advanced testing laboratories are core to the development of this new technological approach.”