US-based cancer informatics and digital pathology provider Inspirata has entered into a technical partnership with DeePathology on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori) pathology testing.

The partnership will see the integration of DeePathology’s patented Helicobacter Pylori Decision Support System into Inspirata’s digital pathology workflow solution, Dynamyx.

The integration of H Pylori Decision Support System into Dynamyx is expected to accelerate the reporting accuracy and diagnostic process of H Pylori bacteria.

Nearly two-thirds of the global population suffer from H Pylori infection, a bacterial infection that causes stomach ulcers, peptic ulcer disease and certain types of stomach cancer.

Usually, Hematoxylin and eosin stain and Giemsa-stained gastric biopsies are performed to diagnose H Pylori infection.

These conventional testing methods require pathologist intervention, are time-consuming and bacteria can often be missed.

To address such challenges, DeePathology has released its H Pylori Decision Support System, which explores how AI-based image analysis techniques could be used to assist pathologists with finding and confirming the likely presence of H Pylori.

Inspirata EVP and founder Mark Lloyd said: “Our relentless focus on empowering customers to utilise best-of-breed AI solutions as a means of reducing the length of time, level of effort and instances of error in executing a case made the question of whether Inspirata should partner with DeePathology a very easy one to answer.

“The ground-breaking work of DeePathology in H Pylori detection really speaks for itself. Similarly, the integration of the H Pylori Decision Support System into Dynamyx represents another tangible example of how open platforms and provider collaboration make it so much easier for clinical laboratories to embrace innovation in their efforts to improve patient outcomes.”

When integrated into Inspirata’s Dynamyx, the H Pylori Decision Support System automatically reads, detects and ranks images consistent with the presence of H Pylori.

The integrated system then provides a report to pathologists that indicates the possibility of H Pylori infection.

The DeePathology H Pylori Detection Support System is accompanied by DeePathology STUDIO, a purpose-built platform designed to provide AI-based image analysis solutions to pathologists.