Intelerad Medical Systems has announced the acquisition of US-based zero-footprint worklist company Clario Medical to offer medical imaging diagnostic solutions.

Set to boost Intelerad’s scalable enterprise imaging solutions with Clario’s zero footprint worklist, the combined offering will address the demanding needs of growing radiology practices and health systems.

“We will continue to evolve and offer Clario’s universal worklist as a vendor-neutral platform.”

Intelerad Board chairman François Laflamme said: “Our vision is to free-up health systems and radiology practices from the limitations of legacy imaging IT systems, and provide modern, secure and highly scalable cloud-based solutions.

“We are excited about the prospect of rapidly expanding our zero footprint capabilities towards a fully cloud-based radiology workstation with the Clario solutions.

“For the providers that are looking for a modular approach, we will continue to evolve and offer Clario’s universal worklist as a vendor-neutral platform.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Intelerad plans to leverage Clario’s headquarters in Seattle for further bolstering its presence in the US, while developing its relationships with cloud technology providers.

Clario CEO Chris Wood said: “The Intelerad and Clario businesses are a great natural fit and highly complementary in terms of vision, product, and people.

“This is an exciting opportunity to advance our vision on a larger scale, and to deliver the benefits this combination offers to our clients.”

Greensboro Radiology has been working with Intelerad and Clario as a radiology group client, as well as a reseller partner for several years.

The companies have not disclosed the financial details of the deal.

Recently, Intelerad announced the expansion of a strategic partnership with healthcare services provider Envision Physician Services, in a bid to accelerate its radiology business growth.

Intelerad specialises in diagnostic viewing, reporting, and provides collaboration solutions for hospitals and imaging centres.