Jana Care has entered a collaboration agreement with Roche Diagnostics to develop and distribute its blood testing platform, which will test for chronic kidney disease and heart failure.

The new platform is intended to allow patients to self-administer blood tests at home, with clinicians reviewing the test results remotely.

It is designed to address the unmet needs of patients in at-home and remote settings.

The platform will initially focus on monitoring the progression and risk management of heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

Under the terms of the agreement, Roche Diagnostics will be responsible for distributing Jana Care’s at-home testing platform in global markets.

Jana Care CEO Anh Hoang-Lindsay said: “The addition of a world-class strategic partner such as Roche to our existing development relationships provides strong support to the company’s momentum in bringing this groundbreaking technology to market.

“The need for improving real point-of-care testing is critical as innovation needs to keep pace with our more decentralised healthcare model.”

Jana Care’s collaboration with Roche will help provide a more convenient method for monitoring patients remotely.

Roche Diagnostics Partnering global head Cristin Hubbard said: “We are excited to work with Jana Care’s platform technology to help empower clinicians and individuals and improve patient outcomes.

“Through this collaboration, we can gain the execution capabilities and a shared commitment to address this massive global need.”

Regular testing is said to be important for monitoring and quickly responding to disease progression.

At present, crucial blood tests for monitoring patients are not available in at-home settings.