Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Vision has globally launched its phacoemulsification (phaco) system, developed to provide surgeons with improved efficiency and comfort during cataract surgery.

The VERITAS Vision System is also intended to enhance patient safety.

The most common cataract surgery method, phacoemulsification permits surgeons to emulsify and remove the eye’s internal lens when it becomes cloudy due to cataracts.

As the delicate surgery needs significant effort and control, it can become strenuous for surgeons.

The VERITAS Vision System features hybrid fluidics technology, which lowers post-occlusion surge to preserve intraocular structures and offer better chamber stability.

In addition, its intelligent occlusion sensing technologies respond to occlusions automatically to maintain a stable chamber even in the case of dense cataracts.

The system leverages J&J’s WHITESTAR technology, merged with elliptical tip movement for smoother cutting, including in thick or advanced cataracts. This aids in effectively extracting lenses with less energy.

The Dual Pump System of VERITAS facilitates access to peristaltic as well as venturi pumps. In addition, on-demand switching between the two pumps is possible at any step, enabling adjustment according to clinical requirements.

VERITAS Vision System has surgeon-centred ergonomics for better manoeuvrability, along with a foot pedal that offers full control and increased comfort.

J&J Vision Surgical worldwide president Warren Foust said: “On top of providing a safe and stable procedure for cataract patients, we wanted to also offer a more efficient and comfortable phacoemulsification experience for surgeons, especially knowing most will perform multiple cataract surgeries every day.

“Our VERITAS Vision System delivers high-performing, reliable tools for a smooth, effective cataract surgery for patients while also prioritising surgeon well-being.”

The system is currently available in the US, Europe and some markets in the Asia Pacific for cataract treatment. It will be made available in Chile and Brazil later this year.

In May, the US Food and Drug Administration approved J&J’s ACUVUE Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for managing myopia.