Kailo Medical and Medo AI partner on thyroid ultrasound diagnosis
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Kailo Medical and Medo AI partner on thyroid ultrasound diagnosis

01 Jun 2021 (Last Updated June 1st, 2021 15:54)

The firms' paired technologies can facilitate informed decisions by technologists and radiologists.

Kailo Medical and Medo AI partner on thyroid ultrasound diagnosis
The partnership uses AI and machine learning to classify thyroid ultrasound imaging using TI-RADS classification. Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Australian company Kailo Medical has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) firm Medo to incorporate Medo Thyroid into its SonoReview product, which will offer rapid nodule classification.

The integration of products will deliver easier and more precise nodule classification to bring about better outcomes in patients.

Kailo Medical and Medo’s partnership will use AI and machine learning to evaluate and classify thyroid ultrasound images using TI-RADS classification, driven by SonoReview’s structured reporting.

With the combined technologies, radiologists and technologists can make informed choices, standardise diagnoses and lower the margin of error to offer improved health outcomes over time.

Medo co-founder David Quail said: “Medo automates the mundane, difficult and subjective elements of exams – but this value is only truly realised when it’s incorporated directly into the workflow of users, as demonstrated by this integration with SonoReview.

“The integration of the two solutions allows users to benefit from Kailo Medical’s efficiency gains as well as Medo’s AI assistance, all seamlessly integrated within their workflow.”

With a touch screen terminal, SonoReview can be used in radiology, cardiology and point of care settings to create electronic and clinically assisted worksheets or reports.

SonoReview can also be incorporated into electronic medical records, radiology information systems, vendor-neutral archives and picture archiving and communication systems.

Kailo Medical North America vice-president Jessica Wilson said: “Kailo’s SonoReview is a powerful tool that streamlines structured reporting for radiologists worldwide.

“The integration of Medo’s AI technology has the potential to double patient throughput and enable technologists and radiologists to more accurately assess, categorise and diagnose radiology findings, doing away with unnecessary follow-up testing that can bring patients anxiety and stress.”

Medo focuses on combining AI with ultrasound devices to allow even novice users to identify common and serious conditions, including in remote and rural areas.