Canadian medical solutions company Kardium has announced the first commercial procedures with its Globe Mapping and Ablation System in Europe.

The company developed the Globe System as a solution for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF), a heart rhythm disorder that is estimated to affect over 37 million people.

The spherical Globe Catheter has 122 electrodes. Combined with Kardium’s software, it enables the system to offer single-shot pulmonary vein isolation (PVI), high-definition (HD) mapping and atrial ablation capability to electrophysiologists.

The first patients were treated with the system in Germany by Prof Hans Kottkamp of Sana Hospital Benrath in Dusseldorf and Prof Philipp Sommer of the Herz-und Diabeteszentrum North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prof Kottkamp said: “I was excited to perform the first commercial procedure with the Globe System as I believe it has the potential to revolutionise AF treatment.

“Even in these first procedures, it was faster and easier to treat patients compared to other catheter solutions. By combining all the necessary functions into a single catheter, the Globe System will help us improve treatment of even the most complex patient cases.”

The Globe System obtained CE mark approval earlier this year. The approval was based on the multi-centre GLOBAL-AF study, which demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the system.

Kardium CEO Kevin Chaplin said: “The results from these initial commercial procedures are tremendously exciting.

“Electrophysiologists and their patients across Europe can now benefit from this technology for safe and effective treatment of AF. At Kardium, we have been working towards this vision for many years. It is amazing to see the difference that it can make in people’s lives.”

In July, Kardium announced the commercial debut of Globe Mapping and Ablation System in Europe, following the receipt of CE mark approval.