Acelity company KCI has launched the Prevena Restor Bella•Form System for healing and management of post-operative incisions and surrounding soft tissue.

Prevena Restor Bella•Form is intended to stabilise the incision and surrounding surgical area, mitigate oedema and improve healing. It delivers negative pressure to the target area to eliminate exudates.

The system is designed to protect incisions from external contaminants and potentially reduce the risk of surgical site complications.

Furthermore, Bella•Form comes with a therapy time of up to 14 days, increased coverage area and larger dressing to deliver therapy to incision and surrounding soft tissue.

KCI added that the dressing conforms to the patients, with simple application and removal.

The system expands the company’s surgical portfolio, forming part of the Prevena Restor range.

KCI CEO Andrew Eckert said: “With the introduction of the Prevena Restor Bella•Form System, we are advancing how surgeons can care for patients recovering from surgery, such as reconstructive soft tissue procedures. This first-to-market therapy was built specifically with the patient’s recovery journey in mind.

“Prevena Restor Bella•Form System addresses a significant clinical need by reimagining the traditional applications of negative pressure and thinking beyond the incision to help support improved healing in aspirational ways—all backed by the undisputed outcomes of Prevena Therapy.”

KCI focuses on using negative pressure wound therapy for healing, as well as surgical management. Acelity markets the products in more than 90 countries under the KCI brand.

In May, 3M agreed to acquire Acelity and the KCI subsidiaries for approximately $6.72bn. After the completion of the acquisition, KCI will become part of 3M’s Medical Solutions business.