Through this partnership, the companies – DexCom, Glooko, myDiabby Healthcare and Roche – will provide diabetes management platforms that are well-suited with Lilly’s Tempo Pen and Tempo Smart Button to help manage diabetes.

Approved in various markets across the globe, the Tempo Pen is a version of the company’s prefilled, disposable insulin pen. The Tempo Smart Button, which attaches to this pen, is yet to receive CE mark.

The Tempo Smart Button will be used with Dexcom, Glooko, myDiabby Healthcare and Roche’s software and/or medical devices. A combination of the pen and Roche’s mySugr app is expected to enable personalised data and actionable insights.

Eli Lilly connected care and insulins product development vice-president Marie Schiller said: “Insulin dose logging is often an incomplete piece of the diabetes management puzzle for people who use insulin pens and manually track their doses.

“By integrating data from the connected insulin pen solutions into widely used compatible software, including potential future collaborations, we aim to support improved decision-making for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers with accurate, real-time data collection.”

Lilly hopes that these solutions could aid in addressing psychological barriers such as fear of hypoglycaemia that could affect diabetes management negatively.

Studies demonstrated that using smart insulin devices with digital health tools improves outcomes for diabetes patients, Glooko CEO Russ Johannesson noted.

Lilly plans to obtain CE mark for the Tempo Smart Button later this year. On receiving this approval, the company will commercialise the Tempo Pen and Tempo Smart Button in various global markets.